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Play2Lead is a web-based, gamified and social tool that helps companies deliver excellent service by making training fun, memorable and measurable.Problems We Solve:1. Inconsistent Customer Service/Experience - Customer touchpoints struggle to keep up with internal changes on how work gets done and frequent changes in products or competitors. Many traditional companies have had a product mindset, and struggle to transform their entire organisation to have the right service mindset so every customer experience meets or exceeds customer expectations.2. Poor Learning ROI - 70% of corporate learning is either redundant, low-quality, or both, yet senior executives say the right learning is more important to hitting business goals today than it was three years ago.3. Boring Service Education – for leadership or for front-line staff – typically delivered via live workshops and e-learning is usually boring and not social.Our U.S. patent pending gamified web and mobile app allows employers to run training and service awareness activities for every level of the company that is:1. Highly engaging: Ability to hold ~90% of their audience’s attention during the live workshops and conferences (industry average <20%)2. Value-for-money: Event-based currently priced at US$5 per targeted participant, with discounts for monthly subscription.3. Seamless (online and offline): encouraging ongoing engagement and maximising memory recall, and potential for behaviourial change.4. Measurable: by knowing what employees know and think during training, the employer and employee can more quickly close the gap between “knowledge” and action, and measure the impact of the training.THE BIG OPPORTUNITY21% of organisations in the U.S. pf have indicated that they will be spending on Assessment & Analysis Tools. So applying that to the $130B that is spent in corporate training, this is a $27B global market.
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