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CONNECTING ALL THE DOTSOn demand services & products (market place)– Cleantech & emerging technologies for sustainable livingOn demand based application for the services & products in clean technologies/cleantech (renewable, sustainable, environment friendly technologies etc) & emerging technologies (space technology, bio technology, nano technology, artificial intelligence etc). Services & products market place for customers and the service providers/businesses involved. By means of connecting users with service providers/businesses through our platform, web & mobile application. One app (one stop shop) for many services & products.Enabling services for all, for those who have access to and do not have access to services & products related to water, power, gas, waste, home, education health, transport, sports, community facilities and also for people living in remote or rural areas or underserved areas across many countries, states, cities, towns, villages, areas/suburbs, streets in the world. Application even creates an opportunity for those who have no/limited access/ from rural/remote areas/underserved areas, to make service/product request.The other feature that makes the process more efficient is, online-live communication between user and the service provider/businesses. This also helps enormously the users from remote /rural/underserved areas also.BE THE CHANGEWe will help you find a solution to your problem in the basic services/products area."Be the change" is a GeoDarm initiative that aims to help over one billion people who do not have assess to basic services gets the help they need. If there is a problem in your country/state/city/ town/village, area/suburb/street, make it known to us. Any one can post issues & resources from your street, suburb/area, village, town, city etc. If the issue/resources are role of the local agencies, Or If issues/resource request is made through our web/mobile app, we find the right service provider/businesses to address the request.
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